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Who We Are:
We are a veteran-owned business with a combined total of over 20 years of medical training and work in both the military and civilian healthcare fields, Pre-hospital care, flight medicine and intra-hospital work with concentration in emergency and critical care medicine as well as competitive shooting.

Kerry "Pocket Doc" Davis

Kerry has been taking care of people more than half of his adult life. Born and raised in Mississippi, he joined the USAF in 1991 and trained as a medic, working in an ER, then moving on to special duty with the only Tac Evac unit in the active USAF as a flight medic where he was an Aircrew Training instructor and he had the opportunity to go to the U.S. Army's Airborne school and work with Airborne units at Pope AFB and Ft. Bragg. After leaving North Carolina, he moved to Maxwell AFB, AL, where he instructed several thousand new Air Force officers at Officer Training School's Medical Readiness Indoctrination Course at Gunter AFB Annex over a two and a half year period. He also taught, during his tenure in the USAF, ACLS, PALS, BCLS and Paramedic Cardiology. During that time he worked as a paramedic and after separation from the USAF, he completed his training and certification as an RN and has been in the Critical Care and ER field since 2003. He separated from the Reserves in 2007. He is an avid shooter and has instructed with Magpul Dynamics and is currently an adjunct instructor with SIG Sauer Academy where he teaches weapons manipulation as well as "Bullets and Bandages".

Lynn "Hot Sauce" Davis

Lynn, a native of Georgia, was raised in Colorado and was commissioned as a 2LT in the USAF after completing ROTC in 1994. She went on to a career in the Communications field and was assigned to NORAD for 2.5 years. She then moved to Maxwell AFB and spent 3.5 years there as a Flight Training Officer at Officer Training School. After witnessing a terrible automobile accident in CO and not knowing what to do, she decided to change directions with her life, left the USAF and went to paramedic school. She worked as a field paramedic for several years, taught Pharmacology and Cardiology for Paramedics and is continually challenging herself to learn more about emergency medicine. Lynn manages the day-to-day operations of Dark Angel Medical and oversees QA/QI for our products. She works with Girl Scouts of America, teaching First Aid and is extremely passionate about getting life-saving information about our products and training out to women's interest groups.

When they have a spare minute, you'll usually find them hanging out with their four kids or exercising, reading or going to the range.

We are very proud to offer the D.A.R.K. (Direct Action Response Kit), what we believe is, a superior product to the standard IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit)a.k.a. BOK (Blowout Kit). The components have been carefully chosen based on personal, hands-on experience and the feedback from “boots on the ground” in our current theaters of operation.

We want to give every person who deploys these kits the ability to survive a life-threatening situation.

We are extremely passionate about ensuring that everyone has the best products available. We are constantly assessing and reassessing the quality and efficacy of products as trauma medicine is ever-evolving and dynamic. It is our responsibility to verify these products and get "real-world" feedback from the end-user. This is how we make ourselves better. This is how we help save lives.

Our Core Principles:

Loyalty- We will support you before, during and after a purchase.

Integrity- We won't cut corners or sell substandard equipment.

Duty- It is our duty and responsibility to care for those with and around us, either with products or training or both.

Who we supply:

Douglas County Colorado SWAT
U.S. Marshals Service-San Francisco
MD State Police SWAT
FBI-Louisville, KY
Freeport Maine PD High Risk Warrant Team
Exclusive kit for SIG Sauer Academy Instructors

Various components and individuals of:

Stockton CA PD
San Diego Harbor PD
Revere MA PD
Harvard University PD
Federal Air Marshal Service VIPR Team-Denver
U.S. Marshals Service SRT-Riverside
San Bernardino Sheriff's Office
Denver PD
Louisville CO PD

Our Guarantee:

If you use one of our kits in a life-threatening situation, let us know! Send us some sort of official documentation to the fact and we will gladly sent you a complete replacement kit, free of charge! We’ll even cover the shipping!
 ****We do not cover, nor or we responsible for, replacement of any of the components of the kit if they are damaged in either normal course of wear/use or from misuse, abuse or modification.****

Our philosophy and rationale for the D.A.R.K.:

“A Med Kit for the shooter? Why?”

Believe it or not, that’s a question that is asked many times.
A lot of the participants in the shooting community as well as many LEO, Mil/Gov’t and civilians are now realizing the importance of having solid emergency medical skills training and want to have the best kit to increase their survivability in a grave situation.

Why a med kit for the shooter (or non-shooter)? Simple. It pushes the odds in their favor. Think of it like this. You wouldn’t, if you were responsible, purchase a firearm and just lock it up in the case and never train with it would you? It is our responsibility to obtain the proper training and familiarization on our chosen firearm in the event that our lives are threatened in order to survive the outcome, hopefully, intact.

That same principle applies to those who purchase a med kit. We shouldn’t even begin to approach the range or other daily activities without having it and knowing how to use it.
If you buy a first aid kit, get the proper training and learn how to utilize the kit to it’s fullest extent. Familiarize yourself with the products contained in the kit, learn what they do and how to best deploy them. If your kit comes with a tourniquet, buy an extra and learn how to stow it so that it’s readily accessible and learn how to apply it on every limb with your dominant and non-dominant hands. Apply it on your loved ones and have them apply it to you. That’s your responsibility.

Why is the kit “expensive”? Actually, when you break down and price the individual components and factor in the labor, labeling and packaging, it’s not. You can buy a kit that’s less expensive but look at the quality of the components. The components of our kit are some of the highest quality, combat-proven products available. Again, educate yourself and learn why our kit is better than the rest. Simple question: What’s your life or your loved one’s life worth?

Why are there just a few components in the kit? Have you ever been in a hurry to find something in your house when you’re running late? Sure. We all have. Chances are, the item you were looking for was right under your nose and you didn’t see it for all the “clutter” around it. Same principle applies to our kit. We only pack what you need in the kit because when you need this kit, the situation is stressful enough without you having to dig through markers, tape, pens, pencils, notepads, casualty cards, surveyors tape…..well, you get the picture.

We want to give you a kit with the best components. We want it packaged in a simple, easy to carry, easy to deploy package/layout. When you have to deploy our kit, we want only what needs to be in the kit to save a life. In a "time-is-life" situation, we want to put the odds in your favor.

Simplicity Under Stress



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